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2023 Tai Chi Festival


  Come Join Us in Honoring the Legacy of Master Jou Tsung-Hwa and Celebrating his birthday
Master Jou Tsung-Hwa Birthday Celebration
and Tai Chi Festival
will be held in Warwick, New York
on July 14, 15 & 16, 2023

Tai Chi Festival Registration

On-line or On-paper Registration

In the past, registration was a simple process of filling out a registration form and sending in a check. You can still do that. You can simply fill out the paper registration form: Download registration form .

However, you can't reserve an on-site lodging using the paper form. You must register on-line because there are only a limited number of beds on-site, so we need to be able to stop the on-site accommodations once the beds have all been are fully reserved (which we can't do with paper forms). So to register for the festival with the option to stay on-site at Mt. Lake Park, register here: Online Registration.
You will need to create an account if you don't already have one. You can do that here:

If you have questions about registrations, you can email gro.awhgnustuojretsam‑krapihciat@noitartsiger
Furthermore, the following people are managing the registrations:
    Elazar Nudell at moc.liamg@lledun.razale or call 732-718-7550,
    Siobhan Hutchinson at moc.CLLseigetartSpetStxeN@nahboiS or call 609-752-1048
    Hamad Ahmed at moc.muitrosnoCLPH@eciffO or call 484-332-3331.
If you have technical issues with registration, please contact Hamad Ahmed (office assistant at Health Prosperity & Leadership Institute). He has access to the system and would be most able to help you with creating an account, finding an account that already exists, or filling out the form itself.

You will note that we've had to raise prices just a bit because now we must pay for the venue, Mt. Lake Park.
And what a venue it is!!
Mt. Lake Park is a spectacular facilities in Warwick, New York, the home of the original Zhang San Feng Festival (aka "Tai Ch Farm"). It has apartments and luxury cabins as well as "rough" cabins (called bunkhouses). We are also allowed to pitch tents, just like the original Tai Chi Farm. Go to the Venue page for more information about it.

In any case - register early! This is looking to be one of those fabulous festivals that you won't want to miss.