The past three years have been quite challenging due to the pandemic, and now we face increasing economic challenges. We have struggled through, and as a whole, we continue to endure. We have been missing the opportunity to gather as a community, teach and learn with each other, and engage in our beloved tai chi practices.

Our online Master Jou, Tsung-Hwa Birthday Celebration and Tai Chi Festivals in 2020, 2021 and 2022 went a long way toward filling the void left by pandemic restrictions, and many of you have given us great feedback about the programming we have been able to provide. Our online events have even expanded our community and our reach. And some have gradually begun to gather in small groups for these events – those of us who were vaccinated were even able to meet in person in 2021. But so many of us still long for the day when we can gather as a larger community and learn and play in person again. That day is here!

This year’s Master Jou Tsung-Hwa Birthday Celebration and Tai Chi Festival was held from July 14 – 16, 2023. During that weekend we will have that long-awaited chance to see each other in person again, and we hope to meet new members of the tai chi community as well. The COVID situation is ongoing and logistics can still be complex, so we were pleased to make one set of our live sessions available on Zoom as well as in person.

Several generous donors have made contributions for the Festival, and we on the Organizing Committee hope you'll contribute as well. Your tax-deductible contributions help us host the Festival and provide high quality tai chi programming both to new folks who want to explore the practices our presenters bring, and to experienced tai chi players who attend the Festival as a sort of family reunion. With your support we can continue to continue the Master Jou Tsung-Hwa Birthday Celebration and Tai Chi & Qigong Festival in the face of a challenging economy. Click on the button below to contribute.

Alternatively, you can make out a check to HPL Institute,
put Master Jou Festival contribution in the memo line, and send it to
Master Jou Tai Chi Festival, c/o HPL Institute
PO Box 564, Douglassville, PA 19518


  Thank you so much!!!


Master Jou Tsung Hwa Birthday Celebration and Tai Chi Festival is a program associated with Health, Prosperity, and Leadership Institute , a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading health, prosperity, and leadership to everyone, everywhere. Donations to the Online Festival are fully tax deductible as a charitable contribution. Our Federal EIN number is 52-2328342.