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2023 Master Jou Tsung-Hwa Tai chi Festival and Birthday Celebration


  Everyone is welcome! Everyone!

Master Jou Tsung-Hwa Tai chi Festival and
Birthday Celebration
was held last year Warwick, New York and online


The Tai Chi Farm, also known as the Zhang SanFeng or Chang San Feng Festival, started in the 70s as little more than a gathering of Master Jou's students at the farm that he had purchased in Warwick New York. As time went on, it grew and became a real event.

Please note that this video was posted by someone on Youtube in 2020, but neither the website nor the email address are valid.
If anyone knows anything about the person who posted this video, please let us know. We are interested in the full-length film.

CJ Rhoads wrote a series of articles on the Tai Chi Farm, her relationship to it, and the children Festivals (the sister festivals - Tai Chi Gala, Tai Chi Park, and Symposium for Integrative Health, Tai Chi & Qigong) that were organized by Loretta Wollering, Bruce La Carrubba, and CJ Rhoads after the Tai Chi Farm closed down.
You can read the original PDFs here:

Violet Li also published these articles (with a different set of pictures) as well. You can review them here:

So there is a rich history behind the event of 2023. Because both the Tai Chi Gala and the Symposium are not being held this year, one could almost say that it is the sister events coming back together again, in the town of the original birth of Tai Chi Farm. (And no, we won't tell any jokes about salmon swimming back to the home of their birth to spawn again.)