Tai Chi Park Photo Montage

Welcome Family & Friends to the
Master Jou, Tsung Hwa Tai Chi Memorial Park

Created in a setting of natural beauty and tranquility, dedicated
to a humble man of extraordinary Spirit & Accomplishment.
Here, we continue to share and explore Master Jou’s Principles,
Practices & Philosophies in Taijiquan, Qigong, & Meditation…
to strengthen our bodies, sharpen our minds,
and elevate our spirits.
Our Mission is to continue his traditions of
Humility, Harmony, Good Humor, Compassion,
Friendship, Diligence, & Hard Work.
As you visit the Park and walk the scenic grounds, be mindful
of the Healing Energies of Nature that surround you.
While you enjoy the serene gardens, deep woods,
and meandering stream…quiet your mind and listen.
. .
You will hear Master Jou in the gentle breeze encouraging you to:

“Know yourself”

“Do your best – don’t overdo”

“Make a little progress every day”

“Good Structure, Dantian Breathing, Whole Body Movement”

“Full spirit – like a dancer”

“Nothing serious – a little smile”

All in Harmony with the guiding Daoist Principle:

“The simplest is the highest.”

With Warmest Regards,